The silhouette of two young girls jumping up with the setting sun behind them on a beach

Reading Time: < 1 minute Shobana Gomes is an excellent poetess and writer. Her writing speaks volumes of her talent and her insightful observations of life. There’s much love and wisdom in her words. I WRITE BECAUSE… This was the theme of Simply… Read More

Raama Naidu’s Wise Mother – Flash Fiction Story

A brass urn lying on the ground with a blue painted wall behind it

Reading Time: 2 minutes Raama Naidu loved his mother more than any person in the world. She was his star in a moonless sky, always shining and sparkling, his guide, friend, and personal philosopher. Her views and theories on life, the result… Read More

I’m Just Plain Nasty – Flash Fiction Story

The black and white image of a man's shadowed face with a mean expression and a strip of light across his eyes

Reading Time: 3 minutes If I wasn’t me, I wouldn’t have liked myself one bit. Why? I’m just plain nasty. Mean. Sarcastic. Arrogant. Selfish. Bad listener. Oh. A whiskey drinker. Nothing wrong with that. But it does make me nastier. And I… Read More

They Left Me Here to Die – Flash Fiction Story

The black and white close up of a man's upper half face covered with sand

Reading Time: 3 minutes I can’t believe they left me here to die. What a pair of idiots! Seriously. It’s been twenty-two days now, and I’m still alive. Bravo, Ann and Tim. I applaud your incompetence. If we ever meet again, I’ll… Read More

That Undying Spirit – Flash Fiction Story

A sad, weathered stone statue that is hugging itself

Reading Time: 2 minutes I feel terrible. Yes, I really do. It was never your fault. You shouldn’t have suffered like that. Is ignorance bliss? No, it’s life-wrecking. Only fools condone that a lack of awareness can be a beautiful thing. A… Read More

Donation Man – Flash Fiction Story

A close up shot of a man's hand with rings on every finger

Reading Time: 2 minutes They called him Donation Man. The one who came and gave. He uttered not a word from his mouth. There was no expression on his face. His assistant always walked three steps behind him, head bent, shoulders drooped,… Read More

That Crazy Proposal – Flash Fiction Story

Helium balloons shaped as a diamond ring and a kissing emoji

Reading Time: 2 minutes ‘Will you marry me?’ Shut Up! ‘Okay.’ No, idiot. Try again. ‘Oh! Sure.’ (clears throat) ‘Will you, please, marry me?’ You think please makes it sound better? ‘It makes it sound nicer.’ You’re not preaching manners. Damn! ‘What… Read More

Bitterscotch Ice Cream – Flash Fiction Story

A pink glowing neon sign of an ice cream cone

Reading Time: 2 minutes The ice cream man looked like a reasonable guy. More cheerful than most of them. He’d just set up his stand two blocks down from my apartment building. I usually visited the one outside the park but stopped… Read More

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