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The tea has come to a boil. So has my temper.

The air is electric, one spark and the entire kitchen – BOOM!

He’s waiting for his first cup of the morning. I set it down in front of him, though pouring it down his pants seems a better option.

His fingers pinch the edges of the newspaper as I slide into my chair.

The hair on his hands stands erect, they rightly react to the static between us.

I can’t let him speak first. It’ll defeat my very purpose.

The moistness in my eyes blurs my vision, but I’m not concerned with what I see. It’s how much I can squeeze his heart for a reaction.

And these reactions are the rings of a ladder. The higher I climb, the deeper I descend into his heart and mind.

My intent is simple. He must think he controls me.

I tell him my love is pure, all the while my lips tremble. His eyes watch my fingers struggling to dislodge the cup’s handle.

To him it looks like anxiety, but it’s actually his gullibility.

I’m more confident than he will ever be.

I confess that I can’t live without him. Three tears splash upon my hand. Must save some for another day.

The paper goes down, his hand reaches for my mine. I pull away just in time. Consoling me isn’t so easy.

Then comes the list of my irrefutable devotion. I slip in his faults casually but effectively.

A pained look on his face says it all. An apology is right around the corner.

I know it’s honest, but its scope is narrow. He’ll be blundering again in a week or two.

But I’ll be ready for him.

You see, I am the undisputed champion.

A master of ‘Reverse psychology’.

He is hungry and desperate. A devoted artist painting naked women. Yet he violates them in Pimped My Goddesses.

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22 Comments on “A Master Of Reverse Psychology – Flash Fiction Story

  1. Man, do I remember interactions like this, only they didn’t occur at the breakfast table. They always took place at 4am, waking me from a deep sleep so that I’m groggy as hell. It was honestly pretty smart, giving herself the upper hand like that, but then I started taking catnaps during the day to level the playing field a bit.

    • Ah! Preparing the mind for battle (or conniving jabber). People adept in this can be very convincing. One has to keep one’s wits together, or it’s down the rabbit hole. And don’t get me started on the rabbit’s psychology. Thank you for the interesting snippets. They are appreciated. 🙂

      • These interractions surely do help to sharpen the brain.

        The one thing I have no defense for is when a partner wakes up furious at something I did in their dream. We both know that they, the dreamer, is everyone in their own dream, still, I get the blame.

        Go figure.

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  3. I liked how this story was written in such short, often one-line paragraphs. The story’s structure and the precise matter-of-fact tone of the speaker reminded me of computer code. And just like computer code, the speaker’s actions are all calculated and strategic. I felt as if the speaker’s businesslike tone also reflected the emotionless feeling behind their actions, despite the emotional guise that they were wearing. I felt this piece was different and unique, well done on the delivery!

    • I like how you’ve compared this to computer coding. Coding like fiction writing is also a type of abstraction. Yes, the protagonist is high on her ability to sway the conversations and emotions to her advantage. That’s why she’s the master of reverse psychology. Thank you so much for your insightful comment and creative observations. 🙂

  4. I think reverse psychology is a power tool. It works in the most amazing ways, especially in relationships. Well, I don’t know how else to get my point across sometimes:) Have a great week, Terveen!

  5. Wow, love this reverse psychology thing. It’s like playing a mind game. You go, girl. Practice more and become an expert.

    • Haha! Thank you so much. It does take practice and a straight face. I really appreciate your wonderful comments. 🙂

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