5 Phobias that Helped me become a Writer

Reading Time: 5 minutes

As I am a writer, so am I also a human being.

Belonging to the Homo sapiens species, I am delighted to say that human beings have come a long way, and evolved with much pomp and gusto. Physical appearances have become more refined (uhhh…sort of) while mental capacities have increased (ummm…sure)

But along with becoming more capable, the human mind has also become more complicated. It’s actually gotten a mind of its own. Life’s complexities and absurdities have taken a toll on mankind, or shall we say that mankind has managed to wrap itself in a web of difficulties.

Anxiety, depression, obsessive compulsions, mood swings are just a few of the many problems affecting the human psyche. I’ve grown up struggling with different conditions at different points in my life. And yes, I have managed to deal with them, and tame them so that they no longer control me mindlessly.

Yet along with this, I also developed certain phobias which although unexplained have become an integral part of my personality.

Now what does this have to do with my role as a writer?      Keep on Reading!

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