Flash Fiction Story – Oh Sweet Baby

an empty baby cradle with a crib mobile Reading Time: 2 minutes

I had always imagined this moment to be perfect. Smiling faces. Warm hugs. The kindest words and loving wishes. They would come with a breath of excitement, a glint of curiosity in their eyes. There would be concern and snippets of admiration. Baskets of advice, platters of reassurance, plenty of wholehearted goodness. I would laugh and maybe cry, still gripped by disbelief, making sense of the miracle I had just created.

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Flash Fiction Story – Butt-Kisser

A ripe peach Reading Time: 2 minutes

Swamy was the perfect example of a pleaser. In not so kind words, he was a butt-kisser. If his lips could find a noble behind, they were ready to do the job. He started out young. At home, the middle of five, his lips remained glued to his father’s rotund bottom. In school, always the teacher’s pet, Swamy mastered the art of gaining favors. Disgruntled with his shameless antics, his classmates smirked and sneered, wishing they too could latch on to an important backside.

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Flash Fiction Story – No Photographs Please

Antique camera with a bright flash Reading Time: 2 minutes

A picture says a thousand words. I refuse to believe that horrid idiom. My picture says only one: ugly. Looks aren’t the problem here. I’m quite handsome for a man with thirty-two years behind him. Black hair, a full head by the way, brown eyes, dreamy some say, straight nose, strong jawline, firm mouth, makes the ladies sway.

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Flash Fiction Story – Hands Up!

Close up of hand pointing gun Reading Time: 2 minutes

Hands up! That’s all I had to say.

My brother Manu made me practice it a hundred times. Or was it a thousand times? I can’t count. What do I know? Manu says I’m a simpleton. Papa called me an idiot. I remember his last words just before he died.

Manu, take care of your brother. This world is no place for idiots.

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Cowards Don’t Die

Used bullet shells lying in ash Reading Time: 2 minutes

A coward can never be a hero. I am that coward. They carried me home upon their shoulders. If only they knew the truth. But a dead man cannot speak, and I would never reveal what really happened. Asim’s burial was quick. Nothing much was left of him. His aged mother shed ample tears and his elder brother shoveled the dirt. Down went Asim into his damp grave, our secret buried alongside him.

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Flash Fiction Story – Birthday Wish

Chocolate birthday cake with lighted candles Reading Time: 2 minutes

Every wish he had ever made had come true. He could be lying, but it served him no purpose. Eleven birthdays together, eleven beautiful cakes, eleven selfish wishes. Eleven reasons for me to believe that it wouldn’t be any different the twelfth time. But something was different. He hardly resembled the man I married. The distance between us had blurred him into a ball of fading colors. I was losing in the tug-of-war of hate. Was he aware of the game we were playing? I would soon find out.

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Flash Fiction Story – Creature of Greed

Hanging rope with a noose Reading Time: 2 minutes

I’m a man of many mistakes. Some small, some so vile that I struggle to hide in their indecent shadows. I was born just like you. What’s that word? Yeah, innocent. I hate that word. It’s the biggest sham on this planet. A distraction from man’s basic nature. Man is a creature of greed. A far cry from innocent. That’s what makes me different, in fact better than you. I never hid my greed. It was my badge of honor, pinned to my soul, dictating my actions.

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Flash Fiction Story – The Man Who Forgot

Headshot of a man with shadow on his face Reading Time: 2 minutes

‘I don’t know them…’

‘Raj. Look at me. I’m Tina, your wife.’

‘Yeah, Dad. This is Mom and I’m Monty, your son.’

‘Raj, are you sure you don’t recognize your wife and son? No recollection?’

‘Uhhh, I have no idea, doctor. I’ve never seen them before.’

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Flash Fiction Story – Death Completes Me

Eerie hands clinging to dry grass Reading Time: 2 minutes

I was four when I died for the first time. The village pond had beckoned me into its brown waters, promising me a gallant win in a game of hide-and-seek. I held my breath, only a fool wouldn’t have, before slipping into a murky slumber. They found me floating like a paper boat, ignorant and carefree. No pulse, no breath, gone from this world to another, goodbye baby Savi. Keep on Reading!

FLASH FICTION STORY: Those Unforgiving Eyes

Close-up of man with intense stare Reading Time: 2 minutes

Ten fingers, ten toes, twenty reasons to avoid his gaze. I counted them with care, assuming he would tire and leave me to my eccentricities. But he waited, a wolfish greed gleaming in his eyes, marking its territory upon me. I was nothing yet everything, another half-pretty face cast away in an ocean of faces, the tides of time hadn’t been kind. No nail polish, I was allergic, it was a small price I had to pay. One, two, three, four…there I counted again, keeping to myself, wishing for sense to prevail…fourteen, fifteen… Keep on Reading!

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