5 Phobias that Helped me become a Writer

As I am a writer, so am I also a human being.

Belonging to the Homo sapiens species, I am delighted to say that human beings have come a long way, and evolved with much pomp and gusto. Physical appearances have become more refined (uhhh…sort of) while mental capacities have increased (ummm…sure)

But along with becoming more capable, the human mind has also become more complicated. It’s actually gotten a mind of its own. Life’s complexities and absurdities have taken a toll on mankind, or shall we say that mankind has managed to wrap itself in a web of difficulties.

Anxiety, depression, obsessive compulsions, mood swings are just a few of the many problems affecting the human psyche. I’ve grown up struggling with different conditions at different points in my life. And yes, I have managed to deal with them, and tame them so that they no longer control me mindlessly.

Yet along with this, I also developed certain phobias which although unexplained have become an integral part of my personality.

Now what does this have to do with my role as a writer?      Keep on Reading!

Overusing words while writing: 5 times you should stop and think

Finding words to use in your writing shouldn’t be such a difficult task, considering that there are about a quarter of a million distinct English words to choose from. However, when it comes down to the nitty-gritty of writing, many writers tend to form a cesspool of certain favorite words. These words aren’t overly grand or alluring, yet they are sprinkled lavishly, and reappear after every few lines or paragraphs. Is the intense love for these words so great that the bewildered writer just can’t shake him or herself free from the throes of passion? Keep on Reading!

5 Side-Effects you may Experience IF you’re a Dedicated Writer

Writing can be a fantastic journey…the highs, the lows and the Oh-So Sweet ‘WRITER’s FLOW’. It’s magical to be in sync with your thoughts and imagination. Every story that you write is actually a real world created in another dimension. Have you ever wondered whether the characters you create actually do begin to exist somewhere? It could be that as soon as you write them down on paper, they actually come to life in a tiny realm upon some planet known as ‘Writer’s World’. Keep on Reading!

8 Ways to Disconnect if You Want to Write Quality Fiction

Writing fiction ISN’T EASY!

Ask anyone who’s ever tried their hand at writing a fictional story. I’m sure they’ll tell you that it’s a task to reckon with.

Isn’t it tough enough to deal with REAL people in a REAL world, and solve REAL problems?

Yes! It’s insanely tough!

Now think about creating an IMAGINARY world with IMAGINARY people, and having to solve their IMAGINARY problems.

Oh God! I think I need to lie down… Keep on Reading!

5 Bizarre Questions from a ‘Single-Parent Writer’

Ok…I have to take a deep breath before I start this one.

Wait…five deep breaths, and maybe some yogic chanting.

Nahh!! That’s not going to work.

Alright! Alright!

I’ll just dive in and hope to surface for air when I’m done.

Does this question even make any sense? Probably not!

But does anything really make any sense anymore? Keep on Reading!

11 Inspiring Writing Quotes: Decoded by the Uninspired Writer

Keep on Reading!

5 Habits That Should’ve Boosted My Writing: Myths, Facts and Warnings

As a writer, I have often tried to deduce ways to find more writing time, improve my writing skills, and also increase my writing output.

Hey! No problem! Just stick to the job and everything will be fine. Uhhh…I don’t think so.

When it came down to the nitty-gritty of optimizing my writing routine, I tested several theories from time to time. Did I stick with them? I guess not…that’s why there were several.

I’m not ashamed to say that I often turned to the internet for advice, searching for the most effective habits and steps to boost my writing superpowers…though the red cape and black catsuit clashed miserably. Keep On Reading!

A short story from my forthcoming book.

The Best Friend

It wasn’t the darkness that bothered Shane, but the insecurity of being on his own, all alone for the first time in many years. In fact, he had never been afraid of the dark. Even as a young boy, he had spent most of his time loitering in the dark alleys near his grandfather’s house. Dark spaces had always enticed him, and made him feel calm. There was something soothing about the unknown and the unexpected. However, certain traumatic incidents had shattered his life. Shane hadn’t expected his parents to die when he was just ten. He hadn’t expected to be taken in by his resentful grandfather. He hadn’t expected his sister to run away from home when she was just fifteen years old. Keep on Reading!

A newbie to writing: the emojis say it all!


I think I want to be an author…perhaps I’ll write a book or two.

It’s great to want to do something special in life, and be someone who is noticed and appreciated. Many people work towards traditional goals while others pursue their passion. Nothing is right, and nothing is wrong…it’s about choosing your options and sticking to your guns. An author is a keen observer, a good listener, and a practiced hand at shaping ideas into words. Keep on Reading!

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