Writers can be quite demure and subdued. This could be due to the ‘writer thoughts’ that burden their minds, and keep them in a perpetual state of ‘creative delirium’.

An occasional nod, a quivering grin, and a hardly noticeable twitch in the shoulder are some signals that writers transmit when deeply buried under the weight of their own words. But don’t be fooled by this state of equilibrium.  Keep on Reading!

10 Commandments of CREATIVITY that Make SENSE!

Every person on this planet was born to be creative. Yes! Even your dull cousin Jake has some creativity in him.

Creativity is the ability to put our imaginations to use to create something. What is that something? Is it a definable entity? Or does it depend upon how we put to use the 10 commandments of creativity.

Let’s breeze through the 10 commandments of creativity to discover our underrated creative sides. Keep on Reading!

The Higher Purpose of Creative Writing

purpose of creative writing
Without purpose mankind is lost.

All creations were born from the womb of purpose. Creative writing is a creative art whose purpose is not bound to any set parameters. Let’s try to understand the purpose of creative writing. Keep on Reading!

Writer Don’t Preach

Dedicated to smart readers all around!

Writers can be a selfish lot! And why shouldn’t they be? They work hard to establish themselves in the writing industry, and work even harder to build a loyal readership.

But sometimes, a writer needs to back off!

Readers aren’t a dumb species. In fact, they’re an intellectual bunch who know what they want and where to find it.

So it’s not wrong if a reader needs his space, and shouts out loud ‘Writer Don’t Preach’!!

Madonna gave us Papa Don’t Preach, I give you Writer Don’t Preach! Keep on Reading!

Cooking up a GOOD STORY is not everyone’s Cup of Tea

Hello there!

Welcome to today’s GOOD STORY cooking lesson!

Why are you chopping those carrots?! What’s with those string beans?

OH MY GOD!!! Wake up, people!!!

This isn’t that type of cooking lesson! I’m not inviting anyone to Sunday brunch!

We’re not roasting a chicken, or baking an apple pie! Keep on Reading!

Is your WRITING turning you into an INTROVERT?

Have any of you had this wake-up call?

No honey, I’m not talking about the call you received at 7am to wake up. I’m talking about the profound realization that your writing is actually turning you into an introvert.

And if you haven’t thought about this yet, then there are probably two reasons for it. Keep on Reading!

Creative Writing! EUREKA! EUREKA!

You’ve probably heard the Eureka story. You know Archimedes AHA moment, and him jumping out of the bathtub and running around naked.

NOOO!! Creative writing doesn’t suggest that you run around naked for better writing.

OH! You just want to run around naked? Well…stay away from me. WEIRDO!!

Keep on Reading!

Writer 007 or Online Marketing Idiot

writer 007 online marketing
Writer 007! That’s right, you heard correctly.

My name’s Terveen…Terveen Gill. But you can also call me the Online Marketing idiot.

What is going on here? Could someone please explain this to me? This is so embarrassing.

I need a drink…

Hey mom! Where’s that glass of milk?! Keep on Reading!

A New Writer Upside Down in the Writing World

new writer upside down in writing world
Feeling Upside down?

Starting out at writing is a harrowing experience for a new writer!! The Writing World is not as clear as the REAL WORLD.

(**Wuh!! When did the real world become clear??**)


new writer upside down

Keep on Reading!

A Writer who doesn’t know the ABC of Writing

Are you a writer who doesn’t know their ABC’s?

I don’t mean the English alphabets!

I don't know my ABC

Keep on Reading!

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