Flash Fiction Story – I Want Ketchup

fries and a bottle of ketchup

All I want is some ketchup. Nothing fancy. Just ketchup.

You can’t eat fries without ketchup. It’s just not done.

I ask the waitress one more time but rearrange my words for greater effect.

‘These fries look mighty lonely. How about some ketchup? Please.’

The ‘please’ is an afterthought. Her answer makes me want to take it back. Keep On Reading!

Flash Fiction Story – Cheers To Me!

A man's arm holding a glass of whiskey

I’m the one who comes drunk to the party. But I never leave drunk.


Because I usually pass out midway. Yes, embarrassing.

I doubt it’ll be any different today.

Still at home, I’m four drinks down, the fifth almost done, the sixth is coming with me. My driver honks furiously. I slip into the backseat, my cologne more pungent than my breath. Keep On Reading!

Flash Fiction Story – My Sweetest Enemy

Black and white close-up of a wide open eye

Get up and leave!

My mind screams, over and over. Otherwise, silent and poised, no one can tell I’m crumbling inside. It’s been months, maybe over a year. I thought time had done its job, healed me, rid me of the demons. But one look, and I’m defeated.

Is it so easy to destroy willpower? Tear it up into tiny pieces and watch it blow away.

But who would I ask? Keep On Reading!

Flash Fiction Story – Taken Hostage Again

Woman holding her head and screaming

Thirty years of life and I’ve been taken hostage – twice.

The first time, my mind was the culprit. The doctor said it was paranoia. I didn’t leave my home, convinced someone (or something) might murder me. Or even worse…

I spoke to no one. But the voices came for me. The shadows, the furniture, the walls, doors and windows, the conniving wind. They sang to me, repeating my name, promising to ruin me. Keep On Reading!

Flash Fiction Story – An Anniversary Gift

Two hikers standing on a mountain cliff

It’s hard to have happy thoughts when you know that you’re dying. Also, I still haven’t gotten over my wife’s death. She fell off a cliff four days ago, plunging to her death. She couldn’t have survived. I would’ve fell with her, but my leg got stuck in a tree branch. The tree isn’t too big. More of a lone freak growing from the side of a rocky mountain. Keep On Reading!

Flash Fiction Story – A Man’s Life

A black and white close-up of a handsome man's face

I’m an honorable man. I live a respectable life. I love myself.

These words are not my own thinking. I have bought them at a hefty price. Psychiatrists will never be affordable. They rob you of your money, pretending to gift you priceless thoughts. I stand in front of the mirror repeating these redundant lines. Keep On Reading!

Flash Fiction Story – The Village Bride

golden red bangles lying on a red wedding saree

Today I will be married, and the entire village is invited. Is that why my mother cries? I have seen her wet cheeks and swollen eyes. Yet she pretends it’s the dusty wind that bothers her. Is she overwhelmed? Saddened to lose her eldest daughter? She has six more to care for. Keep On Reading!

Flash Fiction Story – My Lovely Lady

stone statue blowing into conch shell

She’s so beautiful that I want to stare at her every minute of the day. How do I explain such exquisiteness? Her eyes. The windows to her soul. They follow me. When I walk, sit, or just lay there. I wish to drown in their peaceful depths. Her nose, not too sharp or round, divides her face evenly. Her lips. I can’t speak of them without wanting to touch them. But I’m a gentleman, and her dignity is of utmost importance. Keep On Reading!

Flash Fiction Story – Hell Is A Typo

Ghost in a white sheet sitting in an eerie room

‘Hold on. I can’t find my glasses.’

I was blind without them.

‘You’re dead. You don’t need them.’

He had a point. But I was so used to wearing them. Felt naked without them.

‘You’re already naked.’

He could read my thoughts. That was discomforting. But he was the Grim Reaper, the transporter of souls.

‘You’re going to Hell. We’re late.’ Keep On Reading!

Flash Fiction Story – Goodbye Terry

Car accident with a car's shattered windshield

There’s blood everywhere. Some from the gash on my forehead. Some from the cuts I can only feel. Lying on broken glass isn’t just painful. It’s a feeling that’s unexplainable. Especially when you’ve been tossed into the air and have landed hard on a carpet of sharp, jagged pieces. I can’t see right. The impact has shaken my brain, blood drips into one eye. There’s smoke. I’m suffocating inside my helmet. Keep On Reading!

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